The Mill Creek Hunt has been in existence since 1897 when it began as the Onwentsia Club in Lake Forest, IL.  It began as a "paper chase" and was turned into a "drag" hunt around 1904.  In 1930 the club was moved to Milburn, Il., under the name of the Mill Creek Hunt Club.  

At this time, Mill Creek Hunt was fortunate to have among its membership the famous architect David Adler and his wife Katherine.  As a result, since 1930, Mill Creek has had a stables, main house and kennels that were designed and constructed by David Adler. Adler’s skill in interpreting classical design and symmetry is evident in the design of the hunt club buildings.  

Just 40 miles north of Chicago, Mill Creek still follows hounds over much of the same country it started with some 76 years ago.   The hunt is fortunate to have  major landowners, who still allow us to indulge in our passion.  The country is made up of over seven thousand acres of rolling, wooded farmland divided by creeks. Coops, log fences and post and rails dot the countryside.



Mr. William Wood-Prince, MFH 1961–1981