About Our Foxhounds

lapwingpuppy.jpgThe make-up of the Mill Creek hounds has changed over time. While the hunt began with English-American crossbreds and then evolved to all English as a result of English imports, it is again today composed of English-American crossbreds.  These changes occurred due to the changing needs of the hunt. Current Huntsman, Brenda Yost, has worked to develop hounds for the territory.  Today, the pack is composed of either English hounds or crossbred hounds that are 75% or more English. Huntsman Yost cites the superior work ethic and voice of the English hound as traits that make it suitable for Mill Creek territory.

The Life of a Mill Creek Hunt Foxhound

Our hounds are very happy hounds! They love their job and it is a joy to watch them work. Happy hounds are no accident but a direct result of the care and education they receive from our huntsman, staff and volunteers.

The quality of our hounds is central to the Mill Creek Hunt. Without their keen noses, their willingness to hunt for us, their drive to pursue the quarry and soundness and voice that we might follow them there would be no foxhunting. Each litter is carefully planned in order to produce hounds that fit our territory, our style of hunting and that are a pleasure to work with. 

It takes a lot of work and time to develop a good hound. The education the puppies receive begins almost immediately. Puppies are handled daily by adults and children. Once they are old enough hunt members will take a puppy or two home and teach them basic manners and teach the puppy their name.

When the puppies are returned to the kennel they learn to stay together in a pack, how to follow scent, and what is expected of them. This work occurs on a daily basis as hounds are exercised daily no matter what the weather.

In addition to hunting with the pack, hounds may compete in performance trials or hound shows. When the hound is no longer able to hunt they are retired to carefully selected homes. 


Below is a look into the life of Mill Creek Hunt foxhound:

Is there anything sweeter than puppies and children? Our puppies receive plenty of love and attention.

Hounds learn to stay together in a pack during hound exercise. This occurs throughout the year.



Hounds are also shown in performance trials and hound shows.




Payton enjoys his retirement ceremony at the puppy show. paytonsretirement.jpg

Mill Creek Lapwing is now a house hound with her very own boy.